Vince Finaldi, Tele-Data Solutions

1767 Route 22 West, Union, NJ 07083


About Vince

I am just some guy who grew up in northern NJ and tripped over his own feet and fell into a family telecom business for the last 13 years.

Some of my Likes: Coffee, BBQ, comedy clubs, working with cool clients, travel, NYG, long term friendships/relationships

Some of my dislikes: eating Italian food in other parts of the country, traffic, negative people, hangovers


About Tele Data Solutions

We are telephone specialists – all things VoIP Phone related from design to installation services to maintenance & support.

Our best and favorite clients have between 15-250 users and are HQ in NJ. We have strong relationships with IT MSP providers and NJ businesses for 30 years.

We love solving client problems and making their office communicate more effectively.