About NOO

About NOO

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The Application Process
  • Talk with our Membership Chairs.
  • Attend a meeting.
  • If you want to apply for membership, you may attend a second meeting and make a ten-minute presentation about yourself and your business.
  • Meet with several current members to determine whether you are a good fit for the group.
  • Skip the next meeting, during which current members discuss their meetings with you and recommendations about your candidacy. We vote on your membership and majority decision rules.
  • You will receive a call from either the person who invited you, or a membership chair.
Are You a Candidate?

Membership is open to business owners or decision makers of primarily B2B companies. If your business type is not already represented by a member, you may be considered.

If You’re Interested Contact Membership Chairs
 Bob Carino (732) 800-0174 or Jeff Kopelman (908) 451-3307. We’ll give you additional information and if you are a candidate, we’ll invite you to attend a meeting.

Guest Policy and House Calls

Members are welcome to bring guests to meetings as a way to have them learn more about our group before applying for membership. Prior to inviting a guest, please contact either membership chair; Bob Carino 732-800-0174 or Jeff Kopelman 908-451-3307.

One of the best ways we learn about each other’s businesses is through “house calls.” We meet in our offices, at a diner, over cocktails or on the golf course.

What Happens at a Network of Opportunity Meeting?

We start with informal networking and a great breakfast! We introduce ourselves and our businesses, and any guests in attendance. After that, each meeting is a little different. We try a variety of activities to facilitate the generation of leads and introductions for our members. Some of our activities include:
Speed Networking

Leads and Needs

Mini House Calls 

Where and When Are the Meetings?

  • Friday mornings, biweekly
  • Summer, Fridays, monthly
  • Wyndham Hamilton Park Hotel
  • www.hamiltonparkhotel.com 
175 Park Avenue, Florham Park
  • Enter the hotel, turn right and continue into the restaurant (Social Kitchen). We meet in a private room in the back left corner.
  • Meeting starts at 8:00, but get there by 7:45 for networking and breakfast.