Charles Stewart, PE,PLS, Project Officer
Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc.

2430 Highway 34, Building A, Wall, New Jersey 08736
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About Suburban Consulting Engineers

Creating SOLUTIONS for client SUCCESS by delivering INNOVATIVE and practical PROFESSIONAL services.

Our emphasis on client communication cultivates the long-term relationships we respect and value. SCE assures all of our projects are managed by a principal of the firm who is always available to make sure you receive prompt response, sound answers to your questions and long-term continuity with the individual in charge.

Working in partnership with our municipal utility authorities and local government agencies, SCE facilitates development, improvements, maintenance, operation and safety of critical infrastructure networks and services.

Our Enhanced GIS data collection procedures deliver increased visibility into construction practices, facility installation, data verification and component-level tracking & traceability for reliable compliance and increased safety of pipeline assets.

Land Surveying
SCE utilizes advanced scanning technology to reveal exact property dimensions, features and existing improvements to encourage responsible land development and to protect our client investments.

Landscape Architecture
Known for our award-winning designs, SCE creations encompass vision, technical expertise and economic consideration to exceed the expectations and needs of the communities we serve.